Today I step into DEATH HOUSE and come out sad. level 1. Head for the study, secret door in the fire place, and the treasury tower. Curse of Strahd has become one of the most popular campaign books of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. Whoever was in charge of this didn't clearly think about player needs on improving their characters, and made the drop rate seem like those named items are on the levelled phrase 'They Don't Exist'. My how to series on the MISTS OF RAVENLOFT expansion for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE. Save the people of Barovia, slay Strahd, and restore balance to the land. My how to series on the MISTS OF RAVENLOFT expansion for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE. But I must address the issue of the drop rate for the named stuff in it: It's BLIMMIN LOW! Getting to Barovia/Ravenloft I just spent 30 minutes searching the forums, and I didn't find the answer. I suspect WotC wants to remove all "surprise, you're character is now useless" situations. Interact with the door to use potion of gaseous form from hag's pack to enter the treasury. Once you are close to lv29, you should consider running Ravenloft or sharn chains for their legendary gear. Personally, I like Ravenloft. Ravenloft Reaper is also a good way to get a lot of RXP, but you might need a party for some of them (Invitation to Dinner is pretty hard, for instance). It's got a good story, interesting characters and an exciting setting. Everything but raid gear in Ravenloft is BtA, so you can share it between your alts to boot! Your chance of pulling any named loot from a chest is 10% / 16% / 33% for Normal / Hard / Elite respectively. it's great. Kill defenders and loot. Gear creep will allow you to use Ravenloft gear and not get any PLs lol. DOWNLOAD THE GAME! DOWNLOAD THE GAME! Join a group, solo, do some stuff and get to level 29. Today I'm at a red hot nightclub in FRESH BAKED DREAMS. My how to series on the MISTS OF RAVENLOFT expansion for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ONLINE. New Places to Slay. ... with ddo u can do that and get stronger with each tr. The stakes have never been higher! Your chance of pulling a specific named item from Ravenloft is 2% / 3.2% / 6.6% respectively. I can see Barovia being unwelcome to all outsiders, but I'll be that they don't go out of their way to penalize particular races. Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (3e) - The master of Ravenloft is having guests for dinner... and you are invited. Alt away! HOW does one get to Barovia if you don't buy the Ultimate pack and use the bottle of mist? I wouldn't be shocked to see this aspect changed somewhat. It's probably there *somewhere* but I guess I just didn't use the correct search terms. … Running quests on Reaper difficulty further increases the chance of obtaining any named loot by +1% per skull. Free Yesper optional (second chest with named loot) Get silver key from hags. The love of the spooky realms within the mists is still very strong as evidenced by the recent deluxe versions and add-ons recently released by Wizards of the Coast and other companies. Dungeons & Dragons Online: Mists of Ravenloft expansion will immerse you in one of the most infamous D&D adventure settings. A dark shape emerges from the shad Or pass it to whichever one will benefit most. Sharn legendary gears sets are the best but Ravenloft legendary gears are not too bad either, a … Spires of Ravenloft was level 4, you need to go down one floor to level 3.