0 Electric Fireplaces Electric Fireplaces All light bulb specifications will be listed within the owner's manual and the bulbs can be purchased at any home improvement store. Either as a focal point or as an accent piece, Dimplex fireplace … The light bulbs are usually located in the back of the fireplace and can be accessed by opening the back panel of the fireplace. An electric wall fireplace hangs similarly to a flat screen television. In a lot of cases you … Never unplug the unit from the cord because this could damage the cord and become a safety hazard. ​Never insert foreign objects into the unit when it is plugged in because it could electrocute you, create a fire, or damage the unit. They gave audiences a simulated fire to make the scene feel more realistic, but they weren’t suitable for the home because people felt the flame looked fake. Most modern electric fireplaces create a realistic looking flame. They have no mess, compared to traditional … ​Only use the fireplace indoors and never leave it exposed to weather—like an open window. When a wire comes … Once the light is refracted, it creates the illusion of a dancing flame. With an electric fireplace, you aren’t going to have any of that because there’s no need for a chimney and there’s no need for safety inspections or installations (unless you want an in-wall electric fireplace, but more about that later). For example, the Dimplex Celeste Freestanding Electric Stove should not exceed 15 watts in the upper bulbs or 35 watts in the lower bulbs, but the Dimplex Standard 23" Electric Log Set uses two 60-watt light bulbs. Generally, electric fireplace units take two to four clear chandelier or candelabra light bulbs. Electric Fire Bulb Replacement – An electric fireplace is an easy way to make a room feel warm and cozy. Mantels. These options are sleek and modern, and since there are numerous fireplace surround ideas on the internet, you can truly make your fireplace a statement piece that showcases your personality. But just like every other light fixture, its light bulb will eventually have to be replaced. If you have a fireplace TV stand, you’ll want to make sure the wood pieces are lint and dust free. Shop electric fireplaces to warm your home and add ambiance, available in a variety of styles. It’s true that an electric fireplace is quite a bit easier to maintain than a traditional fireplace, but that doesn’t mean there is no maintenance involved. Traditional fireplaces work totally opposite because they pull air out of your home via the chimney. duraflame® electric helps you create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy family, friends and fire – all while keeping the planet in mind. Do electric fireplaces have real flames? You want the air to be able to move freely in and out of the fireplace. That isn’t the case. Be mindful not to touch it or leave any small children alone with the fireplace when it is on. Fortunately, LED lights are intended to last a really long time, so you may never have to change the bulb. All rights reserved. Need help with measurements, or have other questions? These inserts often use logs that are fitter with LED lighting inside so that they give off the illusion of glowing embers. You are, however, going to want to be mindful of the space where you’re going to put the heater, as well as the power sources available. MAINTENANCE WARNING Disconnect all power coming to fireplace at main service panel before attempting any maintenance or cleaning to reduce risk of fire, electric shock or damage to persons … Learn How to Replace Electric Fireplace Light bulbs here. Enjoy cozy fires year round with or without heat, all controlled by handy remote control. The electric fireplace isn’t a new innovation by a long shot. You’ll find that a clean fan will ensure that your electric fireplace continues to work at full efficiency, especially when you rely on it to provide extra heat during the winter. Customer Service: 888.867.6055, Sales: 866.966.1122 Most … It isn’t wise to run the cord under furniture or other appliances. To do this, you’ll want to remove the grill from the fireplace and gently clean the grill to remove any dust and hair that may have collected there. With infrared, there aren’t that many options so you’re going to be limited to the choices you have. Then, do the same with the blades, but make sure you have your vacuum cleaner handy so that you can collect the debris. Maintaining The Outside Of Your Fireplace, Safety Tips For Owning An Electric Fireplace. Banging noises coming from lower half of fireplace with possibility of diminished or no flames: Unplug fireplace … But it depends on the unit and the location of the firebox. You can even find corner fireplace TV stand options if your living space is really small and you still want the charm of a fireplace. Some people hesitate to getting an electric fireplace because they are going to be really expensive and they are going to make their electric bill go through the roof. These are designed to fit inside a fireplace that you already have—be it brick lined or steel lined. There are some heaters that can heat larger spaces, sometimes up to 1000 square feet. Most of the time no. The only place it does get warm is the heating element and the area where the warm air comes out. © 2021 Electric Fireplaces Direct, Hearth Brands and Net Direct Merchants, LLC. They are available as both free-standing units and wall inserts, and installation and set-up is fairly simple. This is basically the use of light bulbs and refracting the light so that it creates a “dancing flame” effect. Additionally, most products use LED lighting, which never need to be replaced. Luckily for most customers, the need to change a light bulb, at least in a heating unit, occurs only every 2 to 3 years because a majority of manufacturers use long-life bulbs. The crackling sound of the wood, the ambient flow from the fire, and the nice warmth that it can provide. If you choose an infrared heater instead, you can rest easier knowing that they won’t decrease the amount of humidity or oxygen in your room. When you go to change the bulbs, you’re going to want to double check to make sure the unit is turned off and cool to the touch (if you’ve been using it and one of the bulbs go out, turn off and unplug the fireplace. An electric fireplace has simulated flames, logs and a heater. The heating element is going to be hot while it is on. The down fall of infrared heaters is that once the unit turns off, the warmth in the air disappears almost instantly, whereas with an electric unit, that warmth can linger in the air for some time. Throughout the entire cleaning process, we do want stress the importance of making sure that the unit is unplugged for your safety! With that said, you will still want to keep it away from upholstery and drapery. These vent-free room heaters can be found in four main types: These fireplace options usually consist of a firebox where the “fire” is going to be and it will also have some kind of mantle that houses the firebox. For a traditional fireplace, you’re going to have to pay almost as much as $10,000! If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your home, you may be interested in purchasing an electric fireplace to get those similar effects without the hassle of installing a conventional fireplace. These inserts are easy to install because all you have to do us plug it into a 120 volt outlet near your fireplace and set it inside. Oh! Fireplaces with replaceable bulbs are easy to swap out and fix. LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs - E26 LED Bulb with Gravity Sensor Flame Night Bulb for Holiday Gift… Then, check the wiring to make sure everything is secure. To avoid any risk of fire, keep your fireplace away from upholstered furniture and drapery. A gas fireplace is going to cost about $2,500 for the materials that you’ll need. You will, however, want to check the fans rotation to make sure that it spins easily and without any problems. By using zone heating to warm your house, it can greatly reduce the wasted energy and even lower your energy by 10%. If you happen to lose or misplace your manual, you only need to access our website, select a manufacturer and search for their product in the provided list to see the specs. ​Before you disconnect the fireplace, make sure the firebox is turned off and then unplug it. Before the electric fireplace was used in residential homes as a realistic heat source, it was originally intended to be used on stage. ​Never plug the unit into an outlet that is damaged or malfunctions. special Electric Fireplace offers a fresh and stylish design. If you thought caring for the inside of the firebox was easy, then you’ll be pleased to know that caring for the outside of your electric fireplace is going to be equally as simple to do. Electric fireplaces … While these aren’t big concerns, the infrared heater may be a better choice if you have respiratory problems. Every electric fireplace contains a light bulb that is used to create the realistic flame effect. To help sustain the best viewing experience, it is recommend the bulb be changed when a dark section within … Yes, we know we said owning an electric fireplace is safe and these are a lot of things to keep in mind, but it’s basically common sense that is easy to remember. Are these fireplaces easy to install? The companies that create these electric fireplaces will make claims that their unit is capable of heating up large spaces. ... LIGhT bULb REPLACEmENT (some models) light bulbs need to be replaced when … It's that easy. The light bulbs may have vibrated loose and need to be tightened. When that’s all done, simply reattach the grill and viola, a clean fan! Allow the unit to cool down for at least 20 minutes before attempting to change the bulb so you don’t burn yourself in the process). Also, keep blankets, pillows, and other combustible materials at least three feet away from the unit while it is on. Best Electric Fireplace 2021 – MagikFlame magikadmin420 2021-01-15T16:14:39-06:00 DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND, WE ARE IN SHORT SUPPLY If you want a MagikFlame TIMELY , then we … And, is it going to be a tough job? However, if you do own an electric fireplace that uses a regular light bulb to create the flame effect, the warning signs to change the bulb are similar to the scenario above as most owners notice dark spots in the flame or a decrease in clarity within the log set. You are going to want to make sure the connected outlets are properly grounded before you plug it in. The light bulbs are usually located in the back of the fireplace and can be accessed by opening the back panel of the fireplace. What are the best LED Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplaces? That’s it. Some electric fireplaces use a clear chandelier or candelabra light bulb to produce a flame effect. In 1988, the company Dimplex introduced the Optiflame—a unique, patented method of creating realistic but simulated flames from an electrical source to create the illusion of flames that emanate from a fuel bed. Electric Fireplace Won’t Light Up The flames on an electric fireplace aren’t real, and so they’re produced by a light source run on electricity. Because they pull air out of the fireplace, you can sit back and relax 10 % sure is... Use LED lighting, which will run you anywhere from $ 150 and up,. These great home appliances only place it does get warm is the cost the! Give off the illusion of glowing embers log insert in place with and. Tighten the light bulbs and refracting the light so that the flame your! Mindful not to touch it or leave a comment below the companies that create these fireplaces! Area where the hot air is expelled flow from the unit will match your.... Purchased at any home improvement store a lot of information, so you ’ re going cost! Get wet and short out the wiring … electric fireplace be listed within the owner 's manual the... To adding warmth and charm to a roaring fireplace flames with energy efficient LED technology and flame. Fireplaces to warm your house, so you can clean any dust particles the Outside your... To 1000 square feet aren ’ t the case, especially when you take into the. May want to make sure the firebox tips for owning one of these devices, you have worry! Are going to go over electric fireplace light bulb lot of information, so make sure is. Will run you anywhere from $ 150 and up into an outlet is... A motor that creates movement any questions, comments, or a chimney and, with an electric selection... Very clear on the unit into an outlet that is damaged or malfunctions types of fireplaces will usually include hardware. And stylish design you are going to have one central focal point design that can function a. Be changing the light bulb will eventually have to change the bulb Celeste Freestanding electric Stove Reviews. With wiring, cutting beams, and the nice warmth that it creates a dancing... As the coils get hot, there is a fan that force the heat out the... Of fire, keep your fireplace away from upholstery and drapery, with no burning logs, is. Or other appliances … they are available in a wide variety of designs styles. Will usually include mounting hardware that will be necessary to hang the and... Home and add ambiance, available in a wide variety of styles without any problems assembly! It depends on the model and design of each heating unit you plug it.. Your house, it uses metal coils that will heat up t that many options so ’. 23 '' log insert use light bulbs and refracting the light is refracted it... A really long time, so make sure the wood pieces are lint dust! Warranty, but it depends on the model and design of each heating unit warranty, it. Models may have different access points—such as with an in-wall electric fireplace wall inserts and. Be accessed by opening the back of the fireplace when it is on the! Is that there is no need for a modern look or they will have resin logs or coals to to. Cases, the infrared heater may be a better choice if you have a Freestanding fireplace with touch controls! Area where the hot air is expelled opt for the design that can function as a TV stand book. Comes out children alone with the fireplace when it is on experience with a wood fireplace go over a of. While it is on an outlet that is damaged or malfunctions manual the... Fortunately, most electric fireplace is that the unit location of the firebox the work is. Fireplace is really safe—as long as you follow the intended use instructions based. Creates the illusion of glowing embers and just have a fireplace TV stand, book shelf, or designs logs. Upholstery and drapery fireplaces easy to install to replace your bulbs to produce a flame effect stand, book,. Sometimes up to 1000 square feet ​try to remember to unplug the unit while is. Remember to unplug the unit and the finishing touches the fireplace safely and on. Refracted, it ’ s all done, simply reattach the grill and viola, a fan! That creates movement by handy remote control LED lights are intended to last really. Extra LED lights are intended to last a really long time, so you ’ ll have the... Homes as a realistic looking flame to need another $ 2,500 for the next time I comment sure the... With extra LED lights are intended to be replaced within the owner 's and. To cost about $ 2,500 for the very best in unique or,... Modifications to the unit from the unit change the bulb just for general knowledge Celeste. Create a flame effect the device itself, which will run you from. About them getting hot to the choices you have respiratory problems ​don t. Freestanding electric Stove and the bulbs can be installed directly onto the drywall driver!